Myrtle Beach Course Guide: The Wizard Golf Club and Witch Golf Club

golf courseThe holidays are just around the corner and it is the perfect time for a Grand Strand golf vacation. With more than 100 well known golf courses, each one made by respected names in the industry and customized according to every playing level, it might be hard to find the perfect spot where you and your friends want to play first.

Don’t worry, Myrtle Beach Gold Directors is here to make your decision a bit easier with a quick look at some of the premier golf courses in Myrtle Beach.

The Witch Golf Club

The Witch Golf Club is located a few miles away from downtown Myrtle Beach. It was designed back in 1989 by no other than the legendary Dan Maples. The golf course covers more than 500 acres of low country wetlands and blackwater forests. It has a course rating of 71.2 and a 133 slope, golf players of all handicaps will love playing on this par-71 elegant piece of work.

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Myrtle Beach Golf Course Guide: Arrowhead Country Club

golf vacationThe coast air has become crisp and the summer crowds have disappeared, and the time is perfect for a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach.

With more affordable fares, great weather, as well as shorter wait times at the 100 championship golf course in the area, now is the best time for a Grand Strand golf vacation. With several amazing golf courses in the area, each one made by the most respected names in golf and customized towards each playing level, it might be hard to decide where you and your loved ones or friends want to play first. Don’t worry, Myrtle Beach Golf Directors is here to help make your decision a bit easier with a closer look at some of the Grand Strand’s best golf courses.

Golf Vacation: Arrowhead Country Club

Found along the Intracoastal Waterway’s quiet banks, this stunning coastal complex has three amazing nine-hole courses, which include The Waterway, The Cypress, and The Lakes. They were developed by the legendary team of Tom Jackson and Ray Floyd, every one of the three 9-hole tracks in Arrowhead offers distinct layouts of different vegetation and elevation. Every track has been immaculately manicured and features lavish Bermuda grass fairways as well as MiniVerde Bermuda grass greens.

Because of its distinct 27-hole layout, you will always have a unique experience when you play in Arrowhead.

The Cypress track provides the most uniquely low country experience among the three tracks. Jackson and Floyd took great care to preserve the natural surroundings of the area when designing the Cypress track. Several holes need golfers to play through green wetlands as well as shoot over amazing natural water hazards.

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How To Book A Golf Travel Package?

Myrtle Beach Golf PackageGolf vacations could be wonderful trips for couples and modest groups of golf players. But, it is also a fact that expenses could easily skyrocket when you stay and play at renowned resorts or world class golf courses. By doing a bit of research and planning before your golf trip, it’s going to be time well spent and it will result in huge savings in golf packages.

Where To Begin Planning A Golf Vacation

If your intention is to book your golf vacation yourself or obtain quotes from a golf package provider, you should have travel dates as well as a confirmed number of golf players to begin researching the prices. You also have a good destination in mind.

If you already have a preferred destination, the next thing you have to talk about with everyone who’ll be joining the trip is the budget. Determine the financial range that all of you feel comfortable with. When you are planning a group vacation, Myrtle Beach Golf Director recommends that you put one person in charge who could listen to suggestions and give advice while taking the responsibility of making huge decisions.

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How To Choose The Best Golf Packages

golf packageGolf packages could be wonderful gifts especially now that the holidays are just around the corner. Such packages are available in the modest sets that range from golf balls, golf clothes to golf resorts, as well as holiday packages. Golf packages have several things to offer for all kinds of golf enthusiasts. Whether you are looking around for a golf item that you can use yourself or perhaps a present for someone special, golf packages could offer you all the things you need in just one purchase. It doesn’t matter what your golf requirements are, there are some methods that can help you find the best golf packages that are most suitable for your needs. Listed below are some of the basic tips for choosing a golf package, from inexpensive golf sets to costly resort packages.

Factors To Consider When Deciding On A Golf Package

Before you purchase anything, you have to make sure that the package will include everything you need. Remember that the how popular the package is does not immediately mean that it is the most suitable choice for you. So be sure that when you choose equipment packages, you get everything you need. When you are reserving a golf vacation package, make sure that the accommodation and amenities meet the set standards. Don’t pay more for golf packages Myrtle Beach than what you are expected to pay if you bought the items separately. Although golf packages are offered to clients who want to get great value for their money, if you do a bit of research, you might find out that the things are way less costly when bought individually in specific shops. If that’s the case, you should ask the store when they are able to meet these prices in the package. Given that you have a good idea what your budget is and what you are getting that you will go for a golf package that is best for your needs.

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A Golf Trip To Myrtle Beach Makes The Perfect Gift For Christmas

Myrtle Beach Golf PackagesA lot of people are having a hard time thinking of an ingenious gift for the holidays. During Christmas you come up with unique ideas to surprise your loved ones or friends and each year you end up giving them either the same old cologne, tie, or sweater. If you are looking to blow them away this year, you need to step up your game and consider a Myrtle Beach golf vacation instead. Whether you are giving it to a casual golfer or a professional player, you can be sure that everybody will have  wonderful time on and off the golf course at the Grand Stand, which is a major tourism destination.

It features over 80 golf courses within sixty mile radius surrounding Myrtle Beach, the Grand Strand provides different range of top notch caliber golf courses, from the Lowcountry links on what used to be rice plantations to the waterfront links along the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. Add the oceanfront accommodations offered at the luxury resorts and a wide variety of nightlife, dining, and shopping options, a golf trip to Myrtle Beach is surely the best gift idea.

Apart from all that, the price of a Myrtle Beach golf package is quite affordable than what you initially thought. Thanks to the special relationship that Myrtle Beach Golf Directors have with the many different major courses as well as several resort hotels on the Grand Strand, you will get golf packages at the lowest price possible. Myrtle Beach Golf Directors provides its guests with only the best deals on hotel accommodations, tee times, and more.

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Would You Like To Take A Golf Vacation?

golf vacationListed below are nine of the best travel advice that you’ll need if you are planning to go on a golf vacation.

Golf Vacation Travel Advice


Today’s the information age. Now you can easily get the information that you need about golf and everything that’s related to it over the internet. The only thing you need to do is use it. There’s a lot of information out there about golf courses as well as golf resorts now than before. If you wish to know what type of sand they use in the facial scrub solution that’s used at the spa in Pinehurst, all you need to do is check their website. The point here is that it’s not enough for you to acknowledge that all these information exist, you need to make use of it. It will help you make a decision as to whether a golf vacation Myrtle Beach is exactly what you need. It will help you look for the best golf package deals and the kind of golf courses that you are searching for.

Timing and Scheduling

There are two important aspects when it comes to planning a golf vacation. It’s the when and where. This might seem very easy but it is not especially if it is your first time to go on a golf vacation. A good golf package provider will offer you all that you need from the transportation and then to the accommodation to restaurant advance and to driving directions. The important thing is to know exactly what experience you would like to have. Then, there are some questions you need to answer like where you would like to stay, kind of golf you are looking for, what your budget is, the calibre of golf you’re searching for, and what kind of golf package you are interested in.

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Why You Should Not Wait To Book A Spring Golf Trip

golf vacationSpring seems so far away. However, there are a few things that help golfers get through shorter daylight hours and colder temperatures like dreaming of a golf vacation.

Reasons To Plan and Book Your Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation Now

Myrtle Beach is the place where golf packages were invented. Here, you’ll find countless oceanfront accommodations, different golf courses, great food, excellent value, and enjoyable nightlife. Everything that a golfer needs is here. All services are reasonably priced and that’s why the destination is accessible to everybody. If you still don’t believe it then you should ask any of those who have gone on a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach. They can tell you how good the deals are.

Whenever the holidays are drawing near and the sun is gone as early as 5:15pm, people start to have cabin fever. How can you survive those light deprived days? One good thing to do is to talk to your family or friends about the past golf trips that you’ve had together. Having a golf trip on the books would help ignite the discussion that will make the colder winter days more bearable.

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Five Reasons For A December Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

golf vacation2019 is on its final quarter and that means it is almost the end of the golf season for all those in the Northeast and Midwest where harsh weather conditions are just around the corner. For golf players who are seeking to stave off winter and then send the year out on a high note, a probable Myrtle Beach golf vacation in December beckons.

Why A December Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation Is A Must

Whenever people think of December, the start of the holiday season and time becoming tighter come to mind right away, however, that’s not the case, especially this year. Thanksgiving is not until November 28 so golf players still have enough time during the year’s last month to go on a golf trip without infringing on the holidays.

The weather in Myrtle Beach stays beautiful in December especially during the early part of the month. The average daytime high is at 68 degrees plus there is no humidity. You should set up a mid morning tee time and just enjoy the advantages of the subtropical climate of Myrtle Beach.

Long after the grass has become brown in other areas of the nation, golf players could look for refuge in Myrtle Beach, having fun with the outstanding conditions or enjoying lush green grass. Consider it as an oasis before the winter season starts.

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Why Book A Spring Golf Vacation Now?

golf vacationSpring may seem like it’s so far away but some things get golf players through colder days and shortened daylight hours like dreams of a golf vacation.

Here are five reasons why you should plan and book your Myrtle Beach golf vacation in 2020 sooner rather than later, letting you ward off the depression brought on by golf depravation.

Book Your Spring Golf Vacation In Myrtle Beach Now

Myrtle Beach is where the stay and play golf package originated. Top oceanfront accommodation, golf courses, good food and great nightlife; everything is here and they are priced in such a way that will make the destination accessible to everybody. Don’t believe me? You should ask all those who have booked their golf vacation with Myrtle Beach Golf Directors. You’ll be amazed at how amazing their offered golf packages are.

Even if the holidays are still several months away and it’s already dark at around 5:15pm, cabin fever will start to set in. There is no other way to get yourself through these days than talking non-sense with your friends and recalling the good times you had during your past trips. Having a golf vacation Myrtle Beach on the books will start these conversations and make those snow covered days more bearable.

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Why Go On A Golf Vacation In Myrtle Beach in 2020

Golf vacationMyrtle Beach has been listed as one of the top golf vacation spots in the United States. It accommodates almost one million golf players annually, and the majority of them are repeat visitors. The city also caters to countless groups that are made up of first time vacationers. Whether they are seasoned or newbie players looking to have their dream golf vacation, they can choose among the many different golf courses available in the area.

If you are planning to have an amazing golf vacation in 2019, Myrtle Beach must be the first one on your list. Don’t forget to check out Myrtle Beach Golf Directors for a range of affordable golf packages, golf courses, and hotel accommodations.

Where’s Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach is a coastal city that is located at the center of The Grand Strand. According to this year’s census estimates, Myrtle Beach ranks as the second fastest growing city in the country. Thanks to its warm subtropical weather as well as its extensive beaches and golf courses, it receives about 14 million visitors every year. If you are eyeing this place as your next golf vacation destination, you will, without a doubt, have an amazing travel and golf experience.

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