What Can You Expect?

You may be planning a golf trip during the cooler weather and wondering what to expect for course conditions during the winter or spring months ahead.

No matter where you play from now until March, you will find two different looks when it comes to the  greens this time of year.  They have what is called a “contoured” look, or “wall-to-wall” look when it comes to conditions of the greens.

What does this mean and how does this effect your play?  You  can expect to find one of these, if you are planning to golf in the Myrtle Beach area between now and March.


Most golf courses along the Grand Strand prefer the contoured look during the off season.  Contouring happens when a golf course overseeds its fairways, tees and/or greens.  It allows the Bermudagrass rough to go dormant for the winter months.  This striking contrast of the tan colored full dormancy vs the overseeded sections of full Emerald-green hue gives it this contoured look while still allowing an optimum playing surface.  You can expect this look at some of the more popular courses in Myrtle Beach such as: Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, True Blue Golf Club, Prestwick Golf Club, Legends Golf & Resort, Rivers Edge Golf Club, and many more.


Springtime at Augusta-National is completely green.  This is the effect of overseeding known as “wall-to-wall” with Ryegrass rather than Bermudagrass, as mentioned above.  By overseeding the entire course with Ryegrass, you will get a thorough green look all year round, even in the winter months.  Both wall-to-wall overseeding and contouring will offer golfers optimum playing conditions, just a different look.  You can expect to see wall-t0-wall conditions during the winter and spring at courses such as:  Man O’War Golf Club, The Witch Golf Links, The Wizard Golf Links, TPC Myrtle Beach (host of the Dustin Johnson World Junior Golf Championship),  Arrowhead Country Club and the Pine Hills and Palmetto courses at Myrtlewood Golf Club.


No matter where you play in Myrtle Beach this winter or spring, you can certainly expect the best.

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