Ringing in the New Year for 2021  can’t come soon enough.

2020 was a year we would all rather forget.  It was a year of Frustration, Anxiety,  Depression and Stress.

Hopefully this coming year will be one of recovery and joy.



Can you see it now??  The Beach….  The Sand….

Can you hear it?

The Waves,  The Seagulls?





Can you feel it?

The club in your hand,  the fairway beneath your feet,  beautiful greens as far as you can see,  and that hole in one you have always dreamed of?  After a year like this,  you deserve it!

Myrtle Beach is calling for you….


Book your tee time now…  come on down and whack that ball like there is no tomorrow!  Work out all those frustrations that have been building up inside you…  then go on in to the club house, have a drink with a buddy, take a deep breath and say….

“That is just what I needed!”

Call Tom, Billy or Wrenn at Myrtle Beach Golf Directors.

Let them take all your cares away.